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GEMS POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE is a Chapter in GEMS that runs 110 schools, 4 ITI’s, 1 Nursing School and several skill-based courses in Bihar and neighbouring states. The College was established in 2015 at Aurangabad, Bihar with a noble vision to empower young minds with holistic education and futuristic skills to be a valuable resource for the state and nation. GPC has its approval by AICTE, Delhi and is affiliated to SBTE, Bihar to run five diploma courses namely 1. Mechanical Eng. 2. Civil Eng. 3. Electrical Eng. 4. Electrical & Electronics Eng. and 5. Computer science and Eng.

GPC is unique and highly comprehensive in its range of polytechnic careers to qualifying professionals. It works to encourage innovation and create an impact. In order to accelerate the translation of learnings into applications, GPC by its experience has evolved and grown in constructing the first 3D lab among Polytechnic Colleges in India.

GPC’s pedagogy ensures that the students get exposure to theory and practice through hands-on teaching techniques. Academic delivery is done by systematized faculties from South India and Germany, through a combination of innovative teaching methodologies, focusing increasingly on a proactive disciplined structure, in a more interconnected complex world.

It embellishes academically by the diligent grooming and doubtless success to reach heights, rendered by the German placement officer, bringing in the taste of the western European landscapes. With ideological principles, the training and placements have reached their prominence internationally.

GPC demonstrates its commitment to embedding equality, diversity and a practical understanding of inclusion in the work arena. It outlines guidance and resources through a congenial atmosphere for learning and a supportive environment by staff.

GPC defines its competency through the ability to see the world through the lens of others. The various clubs, add on courses and the career development program emerges in delivering, best minds with a clear sense of mission, towards making a better neighbourhood.

The institution also aims in rendering a hassle-free safe transportation facility, hostel facility within the campus and a wide variety of freshly prepared and nutritious food in the cafeteria within the premises.

Messages For The Students

  • Our key focus has been on faculty development, providing continuous training in order to deliver real value education and excellence in academics. Staff are trained not only to teach well but are also expected to inspire confidence and trust in their students and become role models.

    S. Ashish Daniel
    Secretary & Director
  • Technical Education plays a vital role in human resource development of the country by creating skilled manpower, enhancing industrial productivity, and improving the quality of life.GEMS Polytechnic College is contributing to the vision to train the youth, powered by the technical skills and utilizing the technology developed human resources for constructive development of the state, nation, and the world.

    Ramgopal Challa
  • Nowadays, it is a challenge for engineering graduates in India to get a job. Being aware of the dynamic industrial situation in this country, our dedicated Training & Placement Team counters the mismatch between technical education and employment by equipping the students with the wonderful skill of being placed in the right place.

    Mr. Rudi Stebner
    Training & Placement Officer
  • I strongly believe that today’s generation has an unquenchable thirst to seek knowledge that cannot be satisfied by traditional methods of teaching. GEMS Polytechnic College with an infrastructure conforming to global standards and an array of opportunities to tap on individual talent is all set to edify the young learners keeping a synchronous growth of their body, mind, and soul in view.

    D. Augustine Jebakumar
    CEO & Chairman