Para Academic

Startups & Entrepreneurship

Startups And Entrepreneurship

The Para-Academic Department at GEMS Polytechnic college encourages students to take up an entrepreneurial journey when they have identified a need in the market or a niche market to explore.

It could be either in the development of a product or a service to engage with the market as a startup while they are still in college to launch themselves as entrepreneurs when they graduate from college.

The support that they require during this journey and its decisive decisions are supported by the para-academic staff and mentors in the industry to take the big step. The college provides them with the initial space that they require to brainstorm and help the team required to run the venture stabilize as they take calculated risks in entering the market.

The College has established a 3D Print farm with about 12 3d Printers where 2 printers are suitable for building prototypes one of prototypes and 10 suitable for large volume production. These along with the other labs are open to student entrepreneurs to access in their journey.